Hello ThereI'm Roy Smith

Me at the Threadneedle Art Exhibition 2012, showcasing my selected art work in the prize exhibition


Born in 1954, most of my life has been spent living close to the coast and countryside along the North-West Lancashire edge of Morecambe Bay. In this area there is a unique juxtaposition of hills with open expanses of land, tidal flats and sky. Most of my growing up was done living in houses… read more


I believe there to be an immediacy which comes from standing in front of an original painting which can not be achieved by a print; the thickness of paint, the edges, the bristle marks of the brushes, the subtlety of blended colours which are difficult to replicate faithfully in a print.

Artist Statement

Why paint and draw? A simple question, to which there is no simple or single answer. For me painting and drawing is a bridge between seeing and feeling; a process of interpretation. … read more

Painting Practice

The following statement sums up my practice:

A large part of my painting practice, without extending into the realm of concrete representation, does however rely on presenting enough of the familiar to invite engagement with the viewer. This suggestion of the known is intended to invoke a discourse and invite a period of contemplation and reflection. By trying to avoid endowing the painting with direct meaning, a space to evaluate expectation is offered and a place for awakening individual meaning is found.

“This is art’s function: to switch our intensive register, to reconnect us with the world. Art opens us up to the non-human universe that we are part of”  …  “it transforms, if only for a moment, our sense of our “selves” and our notion of our world.” ¹


This is at the core of my belief in the power of art and its ability to offer an interpretation of ideas and emotions.

¹ Simon O’Sullivan – The Aesthetics of Affect – Angelaki Journal of the theoretical humanities Vol 6 No 3 Dec 2001 – page 128.