Hello ThereWelcome to my website, Roy Smith

Detail from a recent painting. Title ‘The Void’, acrylic on paper mounted on board.


Most of my life has been spent living close to the coast and countryside along the edge of Morecambe Bay. In this area there is a unique juxtaposition of hills with open expanses of land, tidal flats and sky. Most of my growing up was done living in houses… read more


I believe there to be an immediacy which comes from standing in front of an original painting which can not be achieved by a print; the thickness of paint, the edges, the bristle marks of the brushes, the subtlety of blended colours which are difficult to replicate faithfully in a print.

Artist Statement

My art is concerned with the Diversity of Identity and creating images which manifest an awareness of human presence in, and perception of, a physical world. How is it that one thing stands out against another, why is one thing more important than another? . … read more